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ONE HEART, ONE MIND, ONE VOICE The power of prayer is amplified when we pray together for the purposes of the Kingdom These corporate prayers follow an annual cycle and are intended for use by a group of faith-filled believers that have joined together to see the power of God move on their behalf. This series of prayer books cover regular topics that are tied to the calendar year. They give us an opportunity to do spiritual house cleaning for our church or whichever entity we apply them to. Regular prayer maintenance helps keep us moving forward unencumbered by sin, unresolved issues or severed relationships. Let’s keep the atmosphere welcoming to the Spirit of the Lord.

Stewarding Our Relationship with Others by Anne Buroker

SKU: 0014
  • Paperback:  35 pages (this is one in a series of five Corporate Prayer Books)

    Publisher:  Independently published (2018)

    ISBN:  978-1980665045

    About the Author:  About the Author: Anne is a minister whose greatest desire is to see Christians free, fulfilled and manifesting the Kingdom of God in their lives. Anne and her husband Craig lead the Southside Victory Center in Calgary AB.

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