In Renaissance Kids you will discover practical tools and inspirational testimonies to raise children who not only survive but thrive in today’s culture! You will gain powerful insights and motivation for a wide range of topics including: - How to build healthy relationships with your children - Excellence vs. Performance parenting - How to help your children discover their unique passion and gifting - How to teach your children perseverance, risk-taking, and how to handle failure - How to raise overcomers and leaders - How to discover your children’s unique intelligences and how they learn best - Tips for navigating technology in your home including: social media, smart phones, and the Internet - Insights for spiritually equipping your children

Renaissance Kids by Olivia Shupe

  • Paperback:  238 pages

    Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2012)

    ISBN:  978-1481021135

    About the Author:  Olivia Shupe is the founder of Raising Tormorrow's Leaders, which exists to equip and empower parents to raise spiritually vibrant children who can make a difference in the world around them.  Olivia and her husband, Jeff, live in Redding, CA with their four children and are a vital part of communicty life at Bethel Church.