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This work is an invitation and guide for young people to bring the realm of heaven to earth. As children discover their identity through the revelation of the Father's love, they are released to fulfill their royal mission: to demonstrate the Kingdom of God by living a life of miracles. Each chapter explains and identifies the inheritance that God's sons and daughters possess, such as the Father's love, the anointing, and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, faith, prayer, and the keys of power and authority. This book is not only a companion for the "journey", but also provides a place for children to encounter God's presence that will transform their hearts and lives.

Here Comes Heaven! by Mike Seth

  • Paperback:  246 pages

    Publisher:  Detiny Image

    ISBN: 978-0768425026

    About the Author:  Mike Seth has pastored children who enter God's presence and flow in the gifts of the Spirit for over 24 years.  As former children's director at Bethel Church in Redding, California and at Grace Center in Franklin Tennessee, Mike and his wife, Marilyn, are committed to equipping children's ministers and producing teaching resources.

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