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The Millennials born after 1990 are a whole new batch of students. We call them Generation iY because their life is dominated by the iPhone, the iPod, iTunes, etc. Theyve been identified as the Digital Generation, Mosaics, Techies, Millennials and Screenagers. They are the talk of Human Resource professionals and newspaper journalists, they are the prize of their parents, and they are the market share every retailer covets. They are the kids born between 1990 and 2002 and are part of the largest generation in our history. This book is great for parents, coaches, educators, youth workers, employers, and those leading todays students and young adults

Generation iY by Tim Elmore

  • Paperback:  

    Publisher:  Elevate Entertainment

    ISBN: 978-0996697004

    About the Author:  Dr. Tim Elmore is the Founder and President of Growing Leaders, a non-profit organization created to develop emerging leaders.

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