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In this powerful, revelation-packed book, Danny Silk describes the significant paradigm shift in church life, government, and relationships that has created and sustained the revival culture at Bethel Church, Redding CA.  

Through many relevant and true-life stories, the church is revealed as a place of freedom respect, empowerment, and healthy discipline (not punishment).  Culture of Honor challenges the status quo of church leadership structure and presents a refreshing view of the five-fold ministry.

Culture of Honor: Sustaining a Supernatural Environment by Danny Silk

  • Paperback:  213 pages

    Publisher:  Destiny Image

    ISBN:  978-0768431469

    About the Author:  Danny Silk serves as a senior management pastor at Bethel Church.  He is the primary developer of the staff team and director of the church ministries.  Danny and his wife, sheri, are also the founders of Loving On Purpose.

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